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  1. Had got my asus 5z lcd glass replaced. Amazing service and trustworthy team. I will surely recommend them to my family and friends without hesitation. By – Madana Nadar.
  2. Absolutely genuine and personalized service. You won’t find a better place for mobile repairs in my opinion. In many ways, they are better than company service centers. By- Aziz Burhani.
  3. Good work….they came for pickup fixed it and delivered…phone was working fine…very nice service. By- Achyut Kumar
  4. Very nice service from We Repair. They fixed my issue very efficiently and at very affordable price. Glad we have this store at our nearby location. By – Sunil KK.
  5. Very quick and fast service from WeRepair. Repaired my Moto M with in 8 hrs of pick up and delivered back. The best part is service assurance and their commitment towards better customer experience. By- Umesh Karwa.

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